28 September, 2011

21 September, 2011

Scrappy & Scooby Doo Three

Scrappy Earrings

buttons | fabric | hot glue | fabric glue | earring posts

cover a button with fabric. glue it to an earring.
tell everyone you made it. they'll be so impressed.

what a stud!

12 September, 2011

Orange You Jealous?

Rosette Clippy
i really like the color orange.

one foot ribbon | one inch clip | hot glue

the rosette is really easy to make.
i've been making these rosette babies since i was seven,
and i only just though to clip it on a clip.

hair shots. hot.

other things to do with orange ribbon:

i'd do finger pics, but they wouldn't be as nice as my hair.

04 September, 2011

Pro Tip Four

Pro Tip no. 4

plan halloween costumes well in advance.
it pays off.