19 August, 2011

They See Me Rollin

Keepin' Jewelry Organized

shoe box top | felt | hot glue

cut felt to width of shoe box top.
cut strips - roll them and glue.
make the rolls snuggle with with each other in the box.
glue 'em.
make a little holder for earrings or really large rings.

make it hotter: cover the outside with pretty paper.

17 August, 2011

Pro Tip Three

Pro Tip no. 3

using u.s. coins for crafting might count as defacing government property.
better safe than sorry?

12 August, 2011

08 August, 2011

The Punnest Back-to-Dorm Crafts: Part 3

Dude, Who's My Roomie?
do you ever forget who you live with?

or, perhaps, you have a need to display some
sort of message or slogan? like,
"happy birthday"
"congrats grad"
"cinco de drinko"
"whatever, it's friday", perhaps?

whatever your festive or decorative needs,
there's a VERY simply solution.

this, specifically.

cut triangles out. circles, even!
hole punch 'em
write on them
string 'em.

no matter what sort of monster you live with,
they'll appreciate this, fo sho.

07 August, 2011

The Punnest Back-to-Dorm Crafts: Part 2

Getting Hammered
and nailed.
mostly nailed.
...mostly nail polished.

perfect storage for nailpolish,
if that's the sort of tomfoolery you're into.

it's amazing what a little paint, mod podge
and paper can do to an old box.

back to my own little box room
at school in a week. yessssss

03 August, 2011

Scrappy & Scooby Doo Two

Hair Tie Scrappage

fabric | hot glue | hair tie

i made this a while ago.
i wish i could find a link to the tutorial i followed!

i love my hair.

swoon, swoon, swoon.