31 July, 2011

The Punnest Back-to-Dorm Crafts: Part 1

Dude, Hide Your Stash!

...of filed papers.
punny, pretty and lightweight enough to mount to a wall
using just sticky pull tabs - perfect for dorm walls :)
or desks. provided it's not covered in clothes....

you'll need:
file folders, a box large enough to hold said files
tape (duct, painters etc...), hot glue gun
cardboard scraps (mine came from my box)
embellishments - paint, paper, newspaper

easy peasy steps:
cover the box in embellishments - i started with newspaper
then painted and added the paper mustache

then, add in your cardboard scraps to hold up your files
i recommend covering them in tape for easy sliding & filin'.

so organizing looking! maybe i'll actually file things now.

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