31 July, 2011

The Punnest Back-to-Dorm Crafts: Part 1

Dude, Hide Your Stash!

...of filed papers.
punny, pretty and lightweight enough to mount to a wall
using just sticky pull tabs - perfect for dorm walls :)
or desks. provided it's not covered in clothes....

you'll need:
file folders, a box large enough to hold said files
tape (duct, painters etc...), hot glue gun
cardboard scraps (mine came from my box)
embellishments - paint, paper, newspaper

easy peasy steps:
cover the box in embellishments - i started with newspaper
then painted and added the paper mustache

then, add in your cardboard scraps to hold up your files
i recommend covering them in tape for easy sliding & filin'.

so organizing looking! maybe i'll actually file things now.

30 July, 2011

Two Way Street

Lace Two Ways
like 2 for 1 tacos, but lacy-er




 hair clip

i have a lot of spare lace right now...

28 July, 2011

Scrappy & Scooby Doo One

Bracelet Scrappage

yarn | fabric scraps | hot glue

braid two pieces of yard with the fabric.
either tie off and leave as is, orrrrr
glue over the knot with covered fabric.

just like george clooney is even more attractive in person, this looks better live.

22 July, 2011

Pro Tip Two Point One

Pro Tip no. 2.1


I love this glue. A lot.

Pro Tip Two

Pro Tip no. 2

sometimes, crafting is as easy as gluing.
the hard part is knowing what to glue to what.

exhibits a & b

euro earrings. oh snap.

13 July, 2011

Mo... Rocca

Mo Like Rocca-Ing Those Glasses.

No? Not digging the bad pun?

Well, I'm rocca-ing mo euro rings.

and. you. can't. stop. me.

07 July, 2011

Bling Ring

I Wanna Seal An Envelope With This

euros are pretty.
glue 'em to a ring base.

bam! vitruvian man.