29 June, 2011

Pro Tip One

Pro Tip no. 1

if you're using super glue remember:

nail polish remover is it's kryptonite & will loosen the glue.
ever from your thumb and pointer finger.

i don't have a solution for people laughing at you for this situation.

25 June, 2011

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

What I Should Have Done With Newsprint

I've done it before; it always turns out well.

24 June, 2011

Newspaper Roses

WHAATTT Am I Going To Do With These?
Don't worry. I'll figure this out.

newspaper | hot glue | slight finger burns

what i could do with these is literally not endless.
seriously, there can only be a finite about of things
that i can do with newspaper roses.

18 June, 2011


Am I Legally Allowed to Put These Up?
I think window coverings are banned from the college rooms.
But, I'm a hooligan.
Sort of.

two yards fabric | fabric glue (or sewing skills)
two yards ribbon | newspaper (or not your parents carpet)
weights/books (like that old psych book you couldn't sell back)
four temporary adhesive hooks | two slim-ish wooden rods

cut your fabric in half so it's one yard by whatever
on earth the width of your fabric was

cut off about 3-4 inches from the sides of the fabric

glue edges. you could sew these if you're feeling uppity.

take your three-four inch strips & cut into eight pieces.

glue either edges down. fold in half to create a loop.

glue to top of curtain.
(pro tip: your fabric's probs not square. make you're gluing
so that your curtains are both the same length)

tie with ribbon

when i get back to school, i'll use temporary adhesive hooks
and the wooden rods to hang them up on my windows.

are they actually allowed?
until i'm told otherwise, yes.

13 June, 2011

Bows & Chain

Bow & Chain Necklace

two feet of ribbon | one foot of ribbon
one foot of chain | clasp | clear nail polish


12 June, 2011

Get Lost

mini compasses & button earrings
add earring posts, hot glue

earrings make me swoon.